Let's learn to recycle the paper intelligently (The paper mill)

Saturday, the 10th of March, was an action-packed day for the 50 students of different levels from School No. 82, who went on an unforgettable trip to Comana, a village 40 km away from Bucharest. At the beginning of the trip, children, their teachers and Lucky the mascot collected pieces of garbage (especially paper) on a field. They then stopped at the Paper Mill and the Crafts Village Complex, where children had the hands-on experience of making paper in the traditional way and learning more about old crafts. Next, they visited David’s Eco Farm, a family business born out of love for animals and nature, where children got to touch and learn about horses, buffalos, goats, cows, pigs, rabbits and fowl. After much fun with the dozens of goat kids, the children were rewarded with a hearty meal prepared from local fresh products. Spring has started well for School No. 82!

Paper mill

Lucky is ready to start the trip

Collecting garbage (especially paper)

We arrived at "Paper Mill" with used paper to recycle it in new paper

How to recycle the paper

Piece of new paper

The animals farm

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