Teacher training

is an essential of our project

We will meet two times during the project for a so called 'teacher training week'. The main objectives of these weeks are:

  • Teacher to teacher teaching e.g.: cross curricular project orientated teaching, aesthetic learning, using and improving ICT skills, using different kinds of folding books, multicultural education etc.

  • Visiting local companies who have included sustainabilty in their business plan AND are relevant when it comes to teaching children.

  • Hands-on workshops where the visits and teaching theory will meet.

  • Exchanging best practise

  • Prepare catalogs of teaching ideas suited the local conditions in the various countries; ideas ment to be ready for direct use when we head back to our schools.

Teacher training


We will meet for the first time in October 2017

Teacher training


We will meet for the second time in October 2018

The other visits


Three project meetings have been arranged:

Northern Ireland April 2018

Finland XXX

Romania XXX