Seagoe Primary School - Northern Ireland


Seagoe Primary School is a Church of Ireland Maintained School.  This unique relationship is reflected in its strong links with the Parish of Seagoe, which established it. The school attempts to express Christian values in its life and in particular to reflect the ethos of the Church of Ireland. The entire school community is particularly proud of its family-orientated learning environment, reflected in the school motto: “Seagoe. Learning. Family”. The school is open to all children and believes that diversity in the school community enhances the educational experience for our children. There is a strong tradition of high standards of pupil attainment and this is reflected in the expectations held by staff for pupils in terms of their attitude, approach and application to learning, school discipline, respect for others, appearance and attendance.

The school’s mission is to promote a caring, happy and disciplined environment which will be conducive to learning and will develop in pupils, the capacity to become contributing members of society. Seagoe is a Primary School for children between the ages of three and eleven years. The school moved to its current site in 1975, with a Nursery Unit and five bright, comfortable classrooms for Primary-aged children. The school has continued to thrive in recent years and currently, there are three temporary classrooms and a senior classroom block, opened in February 2004, with four spacious, highly-equipped rooms, integrated toilet facilities and a Special Needs room. All classrooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards to aid teaching and learning and all pupils have access to desktop computers, laptops and iPads. In addition there are practical teaching areas, a dedicated room for Structured Play and good cloakroom provision. There is also an assembly hall/gym. The school has its own kitchen facilities to provide school meals. There is a large outside playground, a play park with fixed equipment and  grass areas. The school has developed a wildlife area with a pond and bird hide.