Plastic - Not so fantastic (August - December 2018)

Vocabulary in five languages

The project schools have shared the key vocabulary about the topic in English, Icelandic, Romanian, Danish and Finnish. Click the button to find out what they are. 

Microplastic study in Marttila

Year six students studied microplastic. The text is mainly in Finnish but here is the main content:

1. Microplastic

    - plastic has increased dramatically during            the past years

    - microplastic is harmful for humans

    - plastic ends up in the sea, fish and 

      eventually people

2. March without microplastic

    - campaign against using plastic

    - advice how to avoid using plastic

3. Plastic waste

    - plastic causes environmental problems

    - plastic does not biodegrade

4. Pacific trash vortex

    - many animals die because of the trash in          the ocean

5. Plastic problem in the Finnish lakes

    - the lakes are even more vulnerable to              pollution than the seas

    - there is plastic everywhere in the Finnish          nature

6. Microplastic in cosmetics

    - plastic is a typical ingredient in cosmetics

    - many companies have decided to give up 

      using plastic in cosmetics

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Fantastic Bioplastic!

Year five students in Marttila prepared amazing bioplastic. See the document to find out how!!

Waste Management in Hraunvallaskóli

Check out how waste is handled and recycled in Hraunvallaskóli, Iceland.


Children in 2nd class collected all kind of things that people usually throw into the garbage and sorted it into the right bin as these picture show.

They have been telling their parents, siblings, grandparents and every one who listenes how to sort their garbage and how they can possibly reuse some of it J


About the Situation on Earth - The mayor visiting Hraunvallaskóli 

You can read about the mayor´s visit to the Icelandic school from the link. 

Bæjarstjóri í heimsókn 3.jpg
Bæjarstjóri í heimsókn 13.jpg

Plastic in Hraunvallaskoli

Við notuðum plastflöskur til að búa til fiska. Nemendurnir skrifuðu alla stafi sem þeir kunnu á litla miða og setta miðana síðan í flöskuna. Síðan fengu þeir pallíettur og silkipappír til að fylla upp í flöskuna. Næst klipptu þeir út og lituðu sporð og ugga sem þeir síðan límdu á plastflöskuna. Útkoman varð fljúgandi stafafiskar.

The children in 1stgrade had a great time making things out of plastic. They used plastic bottles to create fishes. Inside the bottles are little notes with all the letters in the alphabet. They used some silk paper and palliates to put inside the bottle as well, to make it look nicer. Then they made some fins and a tail out of paper, colored it and clued it to the bottle in right places. The outcome is called the “flying letters fishes”!  At last, the children and the teachers helped each other to hang the fishes in the ceiling. 

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Second hand summer paradise in Seinäjoki

Three students from Marttila visited a man who created his own, recycled summer house. This video is a must see!