Școala Gimnazială Nr. 82 - Romania


School No. 82 has a two-level structure: it is made up of primary and middle school classes. There are 795 pupils in 27 classes. In primary school classes (ranging from preparatory school year, up to the 4th grade), there are 355 pupils in 14 classes, whereas in middle school classes (ranging from the 5th grade, up to the 8th grade), there are 440 pupils in 13 classes. The pupils in this school are children from the neighbourhood in which the school is located, from the communes close to Bucharest (Cățelu and Glina communes), but more and more of them are starting to come from the nearby neighbourhoods (thanks in part to the good reputation the school has attained due to the Comenius partnership and teacher training programmes it was involved in).


The school is located on the outskirts, in the south-east part of Bucharest, the capital city, in a neighbourhood with high levels of social and financial deprivations. Many of our pupils have an ample range of social and emotional problems, caused by family issues, unemployment and single parent family situations. Also, we have a high level of school transfers – many pupils join or leave our school as a consequence of address change. Some of our pupils are part of binational families (such as Romanian mother and Arab father). 


In 2015, the school was renovated and equipped with modern technology, according to the Sector 3 motto “Schools like those in Germany”. We are determined to cooperate and take part in innovative projects, in order to offer children a large range of knowledge in the fields of modern languages, science, communication abilities and ICT, and in order to make our pupils aware that nature must be protected, that people need to get along by combating racism and xenophobia, with the purpose of leading better lives. Every year, our school organizes a “Doors Open Day” event, in order to popularize the facilities, as well as the school and extracurricular activities.