Hraunvallaskóli - Iceland


Hraunvallaskóli was established in 2005 and is located in the newest part of Hafnarfjörður city, Iceland.  During the school year 2016-2017 there are 895 pupils in the school on age 6 – 16 and the staff counts 145. The school‘s motto is: Frendship - cooperation - responsibility.


The schools mission is to promote a caring environment where we aim to provide an individualized learning approach for the pupils. Hands on learning and workshops play a big role in our school where our pupils learn to work with wood, textile, cooking, art, drama, music, sports and swimming. We have excellent school facilities with our own library and nearby sports hall and an indoor swimming pool. A Positive Behavior System (SMT) was implanted in the school in which gives guidelines for positive behavior and communications for everybody in the school. 


The school community consists of Icelanders and  people from foreign countries but about 15% of our pupils are immigrants or have parents that are immigrants and speak Icelandic as a second language. We offer special classes and assistant in the Icelandic language for those pupils and provide translators for meetings with their parents. It is our believe that diversity enhances the educational experience.